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the not 100% complete FAQs for the pretty fed up person in a pretty fucked up world

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Welcome to, the pretty fucked up website, featuring pretty fucked up answers to your personal pretty fed up frequently asked questions about not quite everything you can possibly imagine.

New material on how to fall in love! How fucking crazy is that? Instructions on how to fall in love. As if it was that easy. Which it is. Kinda.

Plus, random description of Love Hell for no good reason.

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If you're actually in a relationship and everything, how do you know if it's love or habit? Or do you? Or should you care? Does it matter? I'm confused...

Why do my girlfriend and I argue about stupid shit all the fucking time? Is this a good sign? Or is it just my foolish pride that keeps me from leaving?


Should I dump my girlfriend???
What's the best sexual position????
How can I find true love? How, how, how??
Wooing The Shy Girl...
How should I dump my girlfriend?

Why do asshole guys get all the chicks??
Is there hope for boring guys like me?
Why didn't my husband stick up for me?????
I'm too shy to ask girls out!!! Can you help me?!?!?!
What to do about the agonizing suspicion that someone you like might like you back?
how to get the ex to stop bugging you!
Men, women, beauty, death, mating strategies and Hot Hot Sex NOW!

society, corporations, and current events

What kind of idiot doesn't know to turn their cell phone off during a movie?
How can I make my cable company suffer?
Why, when you interview for a job, don't the dickheads ever call you back!!??
Why do men go for looks whereas women go for money?
Why are recreational drugs considered bad - huh?? Why?
Liberals, conservatives, Jesus, George W., and the political stupidity of Americans in general
Why do the drivers in your area suck so bad??

fucked up topics

Assholes! Why do they fucking exist?
How can I make my penis bigger, fatter, longer....

Forming Opinions:
Good clean fun or a big waste of time?
What the HELL is up with companies like the phone company....
Cynicism & alienation - signs of your natural superiority - or just another indication you're a whiny no-talent loser?
I hate my species!!!!!! Humanity sucks!

philosophical FAQs

personal angst

My job is hell! What did I do to deserve this???
How can I tell how personally fucked up I am?
Arguing with your girlfriend for fun, profit and sheer survival!
The hellish reality of cheating boyfriends/girlfriends and what to do so you don't get burned again!

vocabulary words:
Frequently used terms from the pretty fucked up website

Pretty Fed Up...
Pretty Fucked Up...
Fucked Up Shit
Sex Brain...
Social Inhibition Mechanism....
Social Brain
Your Brains

Other People

special introductory FAQs

miscellaneous crap

What's the best way to cook a chicken?
Why does time go so fucking slowly when you're BORED?
How can I become more uninhibited?



random links for fun & profit


Your Mom! Was she crazy - or did it just seem that way?

Dads - the good, the bad, the ugly...