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It may occasionally come to pass in your romantic life, that you'd like to get in the pants of an entrancing female who appears to be too shy to undo zippers of any sort. To put it less vulgarly, you may like a girl, even really like a girl, who seems to be too shy to respond to your normal attempts at establishing possible romantic connection.

Such a situation can seem hopeless, or at the least frustrating, even more so if you classify yourself as among the romantically shy. What to do? How to seduce, charm, and woo the shy one you've set your sights on, with some hope of success and future satisfaction.

The answer is - it's not hard, but it is tricky. Therefore, it's important that you do it right if you want to keep your hopes alive.

As is our wont here at, we'll attack the problem logically, which means exploring the theoretical underpinnings of shyness, breaking them down into analytical little bits, discoursing at length, and so on. You may or may not find this the slightest bit helpful in your endeavors. Then we come to the advice part, which tells you exactly what to do. Similarly, you may or may not find this helpful, but what the hell - it's worth a shot, you're not getting anywhere on your own. So let's dive in.

First step: the components of female shyness.

Component of Shyness #1: Fear of Other People.

Component of Shyness #2: A Central Nervous System that Tends to Freak.

Component #1 is not only perfectly natural, it's universal. Everybody is occasionally frightened of Other People and their potential reactions. Everybody is occasionally shy in certain situations or intimidated or hesitant, uncertain, and insecure. If you are never ever shy - there's something drastically wrong with you. Having something drastically wrong with you in this regard may actually be helpful to you in achieving your life goals as you will be willing to take risks with Other People that others would find daunting. On the other hand, it will almost certainly win you some enemies along the way. If you can handle that, there is no reason whatsoever, from your point of view, to develop a socially appropriate level of shyness. Other People will sincerely and at times desperately wish you would but you don't care - so fuck 'em.

The object of your desire, however, has socially appropriate shyness in spades however - too much from your point of view - and so we need to look at what generally causes this.

The most common fear that leads to shyness is the fear of getting our delicate feelings hurt. Being rejected, mocked, humiliated, embarrassed, excluded, and otherwise being given the message that whatever intimidating cohort of Other People we are shy around does not like us. As human beings, we tend to dislike that feeling. Our very survival as helplessly social creatures absolutely requires that a certain sufficient contingent of Other People like us well enough to forego doing us any active harm. So that they don't abuse us, take advantage of us, toss us out of society, steal our money, and reject our loan applications. Basic stuff like that. We need support and assistance to get through our daily lives and if people are busy stamping REJECT on our foreheads or our paperwork, it tends to make things difficult. Most of us experience more of the REJECT phenomenon than we'd really care to, and this leads us to develop healthy (or unhealthy) levels of shyness and fear when dealing with the bewildering mass of Other People that permeates our lives. Basic stuff. Human Being 101. No-brainer.

Logically Enough Then, When Dealing with Your Shy Gal - you are going to need to send the I LIKE YOU message as opposed to the I DON'T LIKE YOU message. Hopefully you could figure that one out on your own. But maybe you didn't think of it quite so straightforwardly or consider in depth how to fulfill this important task in wooing your shy girl. So stop right now, take a moment, and think of it very straightforwardly - I need to send the I LIKE YOU message to this attractive specimen of femininity. Consider this basic underpinning of your strategy in depth. Ponder for a moment on how to send the I LIKE YOU message. A simple and fairly obvious way to begin your campaign in this regard is the use of sentences that contain the magic 'I like' phrase. I like your dress. I like your hair. I like your ideas on that. I like how you handled that. I like your poetry, your website, your blog, your approach, your attitude, your taste in music, whatever the hell you can think of that reasonably approximates the truth. Presumably if you like this person there is something that you like about them. Say it aloud.

Special Tip for the Tact Impaired: It is frequently not advisable when deploying the initial 'I like' strategy with a shy girl to start out with things along the lines of I LIKE YOUR BOOBS. Or even I JUST REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU A LOT. There are some people you can get away with this kind of direct approach on. Shy girls are not usually those people. You want to like something that is uh, detachable, from the person themselves, and boobs, however inconveniently, are not usually detachable from the person who has them. Hairstyle, dress, etc., these things come and go, boobs preferably don't. The importance of beginning your campaign with a shy girl more subtly partly has to do with the Central Nervous System problem we talked about earlier. And it partly has to do with the nature of shyness itself.

So let's get back to the nature of shyness itself. The principal danger the shy girl confronts in dealing with people such as yourself is, as we noted earlier, the danger of getting her delicate feelings hurt. She has them. So do you. Even if neither of you is all that fond of your delicate feelings, and even if one or both of you has embarked upon an active campaign to destroy them, you still have them. Everybody does. Delicate feelings are part of the operating system of the normal human being. The Delicate Feelings Feature comes pre-bundled with the infant at birth and starts operating immediately even during the squalling, squirming and screaming stage of early life, and keeps on going til you die. Whether you like it or not, and sometimes you won't, because delicate feelings do get hurt.

The reason is this. In order to live, we all need certain expectations of the future. Our brains cannot operate without them. There is no point in them doing anything unless there is some sort of a fucking future in which what they do now will make some sort of a difference to how things work out then. People who become acutely depressed often realize this with excruciating clarity. They experience the agonizing sensation that nothing they do will make any difference in their future and this sensation is so dangerously painful and unpleasant to the human brain that it starts saying hopeless and despairing things like 'What's the fucking point, anyway?' And eventually, 'I might as well just kill myself right now.' And so on. This kind of shit is dangerous to the human brain and even little tiny newborns come pre-loaded with an expectation of future affection. If they don't get it - the disappointed infant will on occasion just fucking die. Their brain will fold up, pack up its shit and announce gloomily to itself that there's no fucking point in living anyway, and the stricken infant will just die. For no other discernible medical reason than disappointment of its pre-existing expectations. The future is a big deal to the human brain. We need it.

Feelings are based, in large part, on our expectations of the future. In many regards, that's what they're there for. To help guide us toward the most desirable future we can imagine and avoid the most undesirable future we can imagine. For example, being liked feels good, we want to go in that direction in our futures; being disliked feels bad, we want to avoid that in our futures. It's more complicated than that, of course, how this is all arranged brain-wise, but the basic principle is easy enough to grasp.

Therefore, obviously, in our dealings with the Shy Girl of our desire, we want to create expectations of a Desirable Future to safeguard those all-important Delicate Feelings she is carting around. We want, cleverly, to create the impression that not only do we like something about her in the present, but we may very well like things about her in the future. This is one reason why we don't leap immediately to the boobs or the passionate declaration of Deep Like. We don't want to shoot our wad at the outset. We want to give the impression that there are possibly more and better things to come. We want to create a desire for those more and better things by administering small, inherently unsatisfying, yet addictive doses of Like until she is hooked. We want this woman to come to regard you as the legal equivalent of heroin, and we do this by using the natural chemistry of feeling.

Sudden Ethical Note: Since I am going to tell you how to get a shy girl as powerfully addicted to you as she would be to heroin by manipulating her natural feelings - I sincerely and deeply hope you are not going to use this ability for nefarious purposes. Be nice! It is not a good thing to go around seducing shy girls you don't really like and don't intend to be nice to - just because you can. Some people do this. They figure out how easy it is and they run around seducing shy girls they have no real respect for, break their hearts, ruin their lives, and fuck things up for everyone else. They do this, usually, because they under the impression that no one would actually like them for real, and so they come to rely on whatever they can get - artifically induced emotions. You do not need to do this. You wouldn't be reading this if you did need to do this, so don't do it.

Okay, so now that you have been warned, you naturally want to know how to cash in on this addictive like heroin thing. Which leads you, again naturally, to click on the link below.


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